Welcome to Learning Tree Academy!

The Learning Tree Academy is a quality children's learning center caring for children ages 12 months to 5 years old and serving the Apopka area since 1995. We believe children need the healthy development of emotional, spiritual, physical, and cognitive skills according to Biblical principles. With that mind, we provide a rich enviromnent filled with opportunities to nurture our children's confidence, curiosity, cooperation, and Christian values. We provide equipment and activitivies to give children freedom to strengthen their fine and gross muscle movements. We also serve nutritious, well-balanced vegetarian meals to give them the energy needed for each busy day. All of this this is accomplished under the supervision of a warm, loving staff who uphold Christian principles and values. 

Learning Tree Academy follows a Bible based early childhood curriculum that promotes spiritual, social, physical and cognitive learning concepts and activities. We also provide a pre-kindergarten readiness skills program that includes: color, shapes, language, Saxon math, science, phonics, emergent literacy, and pre-reading skills, along with a variety of art, music, and PE activities. 

In the group activities, the following skills are stressed:
Social and Emotional Development. Our priority is to help children make a happy adjustment in our Academy. Many opportunities are provided daily to work and play cooperatively such as sharing, communication, manners and appropriate self expression.
Christian Education. We teach and support the Bible as God's Holy Word and that God is the Creator of all things.  Basic Christian beliefs are taught through the use of Bible stories and songs and children are able to participate in daily prayers.
Readiness. Children are introduced to colors, shapes and art activities as well as math and pre-reading skills. We teach kindergarten readiness skills.
Sensor Motor Development. Through outdoor play and indoor games, children are encouraged to coordinate body movements and large muscle control. Small muscle control occurs through the frequent use of Play-Doh, finger paints, puzzles, manipulatives, and cutting and pasting activities. 
Fine Arts. Free-form drawing, coloring, painting and Play-Doh modeling allow children to express themselves creatively.  Music consists of singing in small and large groups and experimenting with rhythm instruments.